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Welcome to Pocket-E!

Pocket-E is a reenvisioning of your enterprise data with software that is modern and elegant enough for any executive boardroom but functional and dependable enough for your most critical business processes.

Our Advantage

Great software is well... great. The real value we bring however is our understanding of your business. We have lived and breathed ERP and manufacturing software for decades. We understand the business processes driving them and we made Pocket-E so it improves your business to make you more successful. If you have a unique process, we'll learn it. We are your partners and your success is our success.

There's plenty of enterprise software out there but why does it all look like it is a decade old? Most attempts at modernizing ERP software seem to be just bringing forward the same old technology by simply putting on a new coat of paint. Pocket-E not only utilizes best-in-breed modern technology, but it is intuitive and dependable enough for 24/7 real-world shop floor use.