Smart Factory

Pocket-E: Smart Factory

Traditional factories see two levels of communication:

  • Top Floor users interact with the ERP
  • Shop Floor users interact with machines

Shop Floor users have no visibility when production requirements or other Top Floor data changes.
Top Floor users have no visibility when machines break or other Shop Floor conditions change.

The Not-So-Smart Factory


The Smart Factory


Pocket-E: Smart Factory facilitates communication between:

  • Top Floor users
  • ERPs (and other enterprise systems)
  • Machines (via PLC connectivity)
  • Shop Floor users

We automate and integrate your entire enterprise in real-time.

The Bottom Line

You've heard all the catch phases: Industry 4.0Industrial IoTIT/OT ConvergenceSmart ManufacturingReal-Time TEEP / OOE / OEE ...

We do all that.

We bring all those concepts into the real-world for your company in precisely the ways that provide the most immediate value to you.